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June 15, 2016
The Ultimate Guide to Getting Liposculpture

The Ultimate Guide to Getting Liposculpture

Is it for me: Who are the best candidates for liposculpture? Liposculpture reshapes and recontours areas of the body. The best candidates for this procedure are people who have areas of stubborn fat that cannot be shifted with diet and exercise alone: Women who have had children and are concerned by the accumulation of fat in the thighs, hips and belly, following pregnancy. This fat may be resistant to your hard work in the gym.
April 14, 2016

Herald Sun Columnist Road Tests Liposculpture

Stephanie Darling, Beauty Beat writer for the Herald Sun, road tests neck and chin liposculpture. Stephanie breaks down the treatment process from a patient’s perspective, and talks about her recovery and results after just 2 weeks.
April 13, 2016

Why Does Hair Loss Happen and What Can I Do About it?

Over 95% of hair loss or hair thinning in men is due to a condition commonly referred to as Male Pattern Hair Loss (MPHL) or known by its medical name Andro-Genetic Alopecia.