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April 13, 2016
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The Ultimate Guide to Getting Liposculpture
June 15, 2016
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Herald Sun Columnist Road Tests Liposculpture

Stephanie Darling, Beauty Beat writer for the Herald Sun, road tests neck and chin liposculpture. Stephanie breaks down the treatment process from a patient’s perspective, and talks about her recovery and results after just 2 weeks.

The Lowdown

Some neck and chin sag had led me to Dr Meaghan Heckenberg for liposcupture. This procedure uses cannulae (blunt-ended needles) to inject fluid containing locoal anaesthetic and adrenalin (the latter is to help reduce bruising) into the areas that contain fat deposits. The cannulae are inserted through tiny incisions in my neck and chin. Meaghan works the cannulae back and forth over the targeted areas to dislodge fat deposits. Then the fluid, along with the fat, is suctioned out. When it’s over, a facial bra that wraps around my head, neck and chin is put in place to keep the swelling at bay.

Pain Factor

I feel some trepidation. The process starts with twilight sedation, then local anaesthetic injections in my neck and chin. The sensations of the cannuale working under my skin is a bit unnerving and as the anaesthetic wears off my neck is sore, but nothing a painkiller won’t fix.


Two hours plus two days’ rest. Then about two weeks for the swelling to go down. The end result will be evident in a few months.


It’s almost been two weeks and my chin is a perfect right angle. The skin on my neck is still quite ridged but is smoothing out daily.

Where to get it

Melbourne: Dr Peter Paraskevas www.parasclinic.com.au